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Person-centred Care Planning

Care Plan 

Person - CeNtred CarE Planning

The aim of the Care Plan is to ensure that we are able to deliver high quality, person-centred care.

Once the assessment is completed we, together with you, will develop a care plan which shows us the best way to provide services to meet your identified needs, using your preferred approach. It will detail the support that you need and the help or services you will get from us. The care plan will be reviewed together on a monthly basis or as and when changes occur.

Personalised care planning empowers individuals, promotes independence and helps people to be more involved in decisions about their care. It centres on listening to individuals, finding out what matters to them and finding out what support they need. 

A Holistic Approach

Personalised care planning is essentially about addressing an individual’s full range of needs, taking into account their health, personal, family, social, economic, educational, mental health, ethnic and cultural background and circumstances. It recognises that there are other issues, in addition to medical needs, that affect a person’s total health and well-being. It is therefore a holistic process, treating the person “as a whole” with a strong focus on helping people, together with their carers, to achieve the outcomes they want for themselves. In doing this, it should open up more choices that are relevant for people with long term conditions.

For further details please call us or get in touch via email and speak to our friendly staff.